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Battery Depot offers cheap BOSCH power tool batteries, Dewalt drill batteries, MAKITA Tool batteries, HITACHI cordless drill batteries, PANASONIC tool batteries, AEG power tool batteries, RYOBI power tool batteries and so on. All items are brand new and 1-year warranty! Buy Power Tool batteries from us, save up to 50%!

Fix My Drill Battery That Won't Take a Charge

Attach the battery pack and use the drill. Allow the drill to operate until the battery is empty. Don't place the battery pack into the charger until the battery is completely discharged.

Place the battery pack in the charger and allow the battery to charge for the recommended charge time, usually overnight.

Use the drill again. Run the battery pack until it is exhausted. Again, don't try to recharge the battery until the drill's battery is fully exhausted. If you have a tool combo kit---that's where a flashlight, saw and other tools use the same battery---attached the battery pack to the flashlight and run the battery down fully.

Repeat this a few times. Each time, run the battery down fully and charge fully. You should start to see an improvement in the length of time the battery holds its charge. This fix is due to a thing called "memory effect." Under normal use the battery "forgets" that it can take a full charge. By performing these steps you are reminding it that it can.

Try the battery again. If the battery still isn't holding a charge, it has reached the end of its life and should be properly recycled.

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