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FUJITSU Laptop Battery - We offer an extensive line of Laptop Battery for FUJITSU. High quality replacement Laptop Battery for FUJITSU.
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Replacement FUJITSU Laptop Battery

We offer complete and comprehensive product line of high quality FUJITSU Laptop Battery. Our Laptop Batteries for FUJITSU are designed to be fully compatible with the original equipment. Please browse through our product list of Laptop Battery below to find the right battery for your FUJITSU Laptop .

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How to Test the Battery Life of Rechargeable Batteries

Determine the expected life of the battery charge. This is done by reading packaging or using the following equation: capacity /current drain = approximate battery life. The capacity is expressed in Ampere hours. Current drain refers to the load of the battery.

Plug the battery into the charger. Wait for the green light to indicate that the battery is completely charged.

Remove the battery from the charger and put it in the electronic item.

Note the time. Turn the electronic item on.

Leave it on undisturbed until the battery dies completely. Note the time it took for the battery to die.

Compare the actual run time of the electronic device compared to the expected battery charge life expectancy. Shorter actual times mean the battery is losing its ability to hold a complete charge and is dying.

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