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Laptops for Less offers only the best Laptop AC Adapters at a significantly lower price. All Laptop AC Adapters are brand new, factory fresh, and include a full one-year USA warranty. And when you buy Laptop AC Adapters from Laptops for Less, you can rest assured that you're getting the best products at the best price. Laptops for Less is your online source for affordable Laptop AC Adapters.

Getting a Laptop to Recognize an AC Adapter

Laptops are capable of running off batteries up to a certain (rather short) point, after which they cease to be much use. Therefore, most laptop users must typically use an AC adapter in order to provide additional power to the laptop computer, as well as recharge the laptop's battery. However, in case you are using a new AC adapter, you may need to make sure the laptop recognizes the adapter so it can charge.

Ensure that your AC adapter will work with your laptop. Check the box that the adapter came in and see if your laptop is compatible.

Switch the head of the AC adapter to a plug that will fit your laptop.

Connect the AC adapter to your laptop and plug it in. You should see a change in the battery indicator on your laptop informing you the battery is connected.

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